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CNP Pump WLTS 65-5/1.1SWS

CNP Pump WLTS 65-5/1.1SWS Horizontal Cooling Tower Pump non – self – priming, single stage, single suction, horizontal ; axial suction and radical discharge.
– Motor is originally fixed by base makes pump easy to install as additional support installation for the pump body end is omitted.
– The back pull pattern structure makes it easy to repair
– WLT pump shaft and motor shaft are coaxial connected small occupation area, light weight ; WLTS adopts the structure of lengthened shaft with straight connection
– Impeller and casing adopt excellent hydraulic model, they can be designed according to market
– Key components such as impeller and shaft are made of stainless steel
– Casted by resin sand, the castings features smooth and bright surface, nice shape, good quality, dense structure

Applications :

CNP Pump WLTS 65-5/1.1SWS Horizontal Cooling Tower Pump widely used for :

  • Water circulation of closed cooling tower and condenser; cooling of various unit equipment ; circumstances in which need pump with large flow and low head
  • Clean, thin, non-corrosive, non-flammable or non-explosive liquid without solid grain or fiber which won’t attack the pump chemically or mechanically liquid with high viscosity or big density will result the decrease of performance curve and the increase of energy consumption
  • Liquid temperature : -15 deg. C ~ 100 deg. C
  • Maximum ambient temperature : +40 deg. C
  • Max. working pressure : 6 bar

Motor :

  • Totally closed fan cooled motor
  • Protection level : IP 55
  • Insulation level : F
  • Standard voltage : 50 Hz
    1 x 220V
    3 x 380V
CNP Pump WLTS 65-5/1.1SWS
Performance Parameters :
WLT(S)65-5/1.140 m³/h5 m1.1 kW2900 r/min
WLT(S)80-5/1.555 m³/h5 m1.5 kW2900 r/min
WLT(S)100-5A/2.280 m³/h5 m2.2 kW1450 r/min
WLT(S)100-5/2.2100 m³/h5 m2.2 kW1450 r/min
WLT(S)125-5A/3120 m³/h5 m3 kW1450 r/min
WLT(S)125-5/4160 m³/h5 m4 kW1450 r/min
WLT(S)150-6A/5.5200 m³/h6 m5.5 kW1450 r/min
WLT(S)150-6/7.5250 m³/h6 m7.5 kW1450 r/min

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