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Torishima Pump CAR 50-250

Torishima pump CAR 50-250 end suction volute pump is eco-friendly high-efficiency pumps.

Energy saving and cost reduction :

  • Reduction of LC (Life Cycle Cost)
  • Energy saving with eco pumps
  • High speed and simplified design
    CAR series are simplified with high speed and compact design, which enable to reduce the installation space.
  • Low NPSH and a wide application range
    Low NPSH performance enables lower suction level which reduces plant construction cost
    CAR series can handle liquid temperature from -40 to +350 deg. C (heat medium) and various liquid types

Application of Torishima pump CAR 50-250 End suction volute pump :

  • Utility
    – Drainage treatment : Raw water pump, filtrate pump, back wash pump, transfer pump
    – Pure water facility : raw water pump, RO wash pump, recovering back wash pump, filtrate water pump
  • Iron and Metal
    – Roll coolant : spray pump
    – Plating : wash pump (rinse pump)
  • Food and Beverage
    – CIP System : CIP supply/ return pump
  • Automobile (painting plant)
    – Degreasing process : Degreasing pump, Hot/ cold water wash pump, spray pump
    – Transformation process : Chemical pump, Hot/ cold water wash pump, pure water pump
    – Electrodeposition process : Electrodeposition liquid circulation pump, wash pump, pure water pump
  • Other liquid Handled
    – Brain, acetone, calcium chloride, kalium chloride, alkaline solution, ethylene glycol, aqua fortis, sulfate, sodium hydroxide, ammonia liquor, caustic soda, etc.
Torishima Pump CAR 50-250
Specification :
Handled liquid– Kinds : Pure water, hot water, sea water, salted water, refrigerant, electrodeposition paint, abrasive slurry liquid under 3wt%, etc.
– Temperature :
Standard : -10 deg. C to +80 deg. C
Optional : -40 deg. C to +140 deg. C
Max. discharge pressure 1 MPa (10 kgf/cm²G)
Max. suction pressure0.8MPa (8kgf/cm²G)
DesignImpeller : Closed
Shaft seal :
– Standard : Single mechanical seal (rubber bellows)
– Option : Double mechanical seal, gland packing
Water Injection for shaft seal :
– Standard : Internal injection
– Option : Quenching, flushing
Lubricated bearing :
Standard : Grease lubrication
Option : Oil lubrication
Flange standard,
Suction/ Discharge direction
Shaft direction suction/ Vertical top discharge
Pump MaterialCasing : SCS13 (standard), SCS14 (Optional)
Impeller : SCS13 (standard), SCS14 (Optional)
Shaft : SUS304 (standard), SUS329J1 (Optional)

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