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Yamada KPL-24

Yamada KPL-24 is an electrically powered grease lubricator specifically designed for use on heavy construction equipment.

  • With a KPL-24, manual lubrication is a breeze. Maintenance budget in half.
  • Reliability is paramount
    Over 20 years of proven field service
  • For the KPL-24 24 Volt DC electric connection means no tapping hydraulic or pneumatic lines. Hassle free installation
  • Versatile
    Can be utilized as a stand alone or a Centralized Lubrication System (CLS)
Yamada KPL-24

Features :

  • High discharge pressure – 4000 psi max
  • Engineered specifically for 5 gallon grease pail. The revolutionary design of the follower plate will empty the container completely
  • Uses 24-volt DC operation
  • Tried and true
  • These pumps are both sturdy and reliable
  • Mount it on a truck with hose reel and gun for manual lubrication
  • These pumps may also be used in conjunction with a distribution box and timer for automatic lubrication

Specification of Yamada KPL-24 grease lubricator :

RatingContinuous rating
Discharge volume80 – 120 grams/ min
Discharge pressure0 – 3450 PSI
Max. Discharge pressure 4000 PSI ( 30 minute rating)
Revolution per hour 95 – 108 RPM
Power supply 24V DC
Vibration resistance4G
Applicable greaseNLGI No. 0-2
Applicable temperature14 deg. F – 104 deg. F
Weight26 lbs

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