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Rotameter LZS 125 Flange

Rotameter LZS 125 Flange Connection is a device that measures the volumetric flow rate of fluid in a closed tube and short tube. This Flowmeter available for short tube and flange connection. Effective use for max. temperature 60 deg. C.

Summary :

There are two of LZS series flow meters, long tube type and short tube type. Their difference is that there is no guide rod (leader) in the middle of long tube type flow meter, therefore its precision is lower than short type with the guide rod.
That float flow meter adopt from the plastics shell, so it has excellent performance of acid resistant, alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. Reliable, long lasting, and efficient for industrial needs

Rotameter LZS 125 Flange

Technical Parameters of Rotameter LZS 125 Flange :

ModelLZS – 125
Measure range18 – 120 m3/h
15 – 150 m3/h
22 – 180 m3/h
25 – 200 m3/h
Typeshort tube
flange connection
Accuracy-/+ 4%
Temperature0 – 60 deg. C
Pressure≼ 0.6 Mpa

Construction :

  1. The material of part of the flow meter : tapper tube is AS, leader is SS304, other are all ABS
  2. The flow meter under DN 65 could be made into flage connection type of scrw thread connection type
  3. The materials of flow, joint pipe and leader could be customized

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