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Slurry Pump Tsurumi KTD22.0

Slurry Pump Tsurumi KTD22.0 is a submersible heavy – duty slurry pump utilizing the KTZ series as the base. It is designed to have more shaft power allowance than the KTZ to handle muddy water with higher specific gravities. An agitator suspends solids to assists in pumping sediments in combination with a dedicated strainer. Suitable for transferring or draining bentonite slurry. Type of fluids are Sludge, muddy water, sandy mud

Application :
Agitator pump Tsurumi KTD widely applied for :

  • Grit chambers, mine processing plants where light to medium abrasive solids need to stay suspended for pumping in wastewater
  • Heavy abrasive construction site dewatering
  • Aggregate wash down
  • Sludge pond cleanout
Technical Specification :
  • Discharge sizes from 2-3 inches and horsepower ranges from 2.7-4 hp.
  • 2 pole, 3600 rpm motors.
  • Rugged cast iron construction.
  • Dual silicon carbide mechanical seals.
  • Internal Thermal motor protection and Tsurumi’s exclusive oil lifter.
  • Anti wicking cable entrance.
  • Suitable for transferring or draining bentonite slurry used for slurry drilling, draining slurry mixed water in civil engineering works or foundation works.
Slurry Pump Tsurumi KTD22.0

Slurry Pump Tsurumi KTD22.0 equipped with an agitator that assists smooth suction of the settled matters. The pump parts such as the impeller and the suction cover are made of wear – resistant materials. The top discharge, side flow design assures efficient motor cooling even when it operates with its motor exposed to air. The slim design allows the pump to be placed in a confined space.

Specification :

  • Discharge bore : 50 mm
  • Model : KTD22.0
  • Motor Output : 2 kW
  • Phase : Three
  • Starting method : D.O.L
  • Solids passage : 10 mm
  • Dry weight : 38 kg
  • Cable length : 8 m

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