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ULV Haaise The Chief 700

ULV Haaise The Chief 700 cold fogger is effective use for Effectively used for room sterilization, controlling virus vextors :

  • Minimal service Tools are required (1 x Wrench, 1 x Screwdriver) to dis-assemble and re-assemble the entire machine – all parts.
  • It Fields Strippable – pretty much BY HAND – of major components including All Electrical Replacement requirements.
    – Motor/ Filter/ Anti- Torque Block replacement – no Tools required.
    – Nozzle replacement/ Cleaning/ Service – no Tools required
    – Formulation Tank replacement/ cleaning – no Tools required

This ULV is constructed with rugged Chemically Resistant High Grade Virgin HD Polyethylene.

ULV Haaise The Chief 700

ULV Haaise The Chief 700 has :

  • a powerful 700 Watt Samsung Motor
  • an anti-torque effect elimination assembly with a purpose designed anti-torque block and bracket preventing motor spin and twisted wiring
  • an internal Heat Shield – dramatically reducing Air Friction Heat to Motor/ Nozzle Housing
  • all – metal Liquid/ Air Delivery Components- except for 2 External Flexible Nylon Liquid/ Air Delivery Tubes
  • all fittings are Brass – no plastic bolts/ nuts. Stainless steel fittings are optional
Motor/ Blower SamsungVAC/ Hz
230-240 Volt/ 50/ 60 Hz
700 Watts
37,000 +/- 1500
Air Volume – Output2910 lts/ minute
Vacuum24.0 kPa
Formulation TankCapacity in Litres with Graduated markings4 ltr standards. (5 ltr, 6 ltr with 9 ltr Optional)
Flow Rate Valve Adjustable/ Variable Output
Maximum Flow Rate
Needle Valve, Brass, SSTL (Optional)
60 ltr/ Hr
Set Flow rate ValvesFSFR Valves, Brass, SSTL OptionalSet of 5 : #20 = 5 lts/ Hr, #28 = 10 lts/ Hr, #37=16 lts/Hr, #42=21 lts/Hr, #47=26 lts/Hr
Droplet RangeVisible*metres15-20 metres
Particle size diameterMeasured in microns5-50 micron

Additional Features :

  • Screw Cap Assembly : No screws – plastic to plastic.
  • Internal Sound Dampner : Noise Suppressor capacitor
  • Heat Sink – Heat Shied : Within Motor Housing
  • Thermal Cut Out : For Motor Protection
  • Torque Control : Motor torque control to counter the motor wanting to spin inside of the Housing completely elimination electric wiring twist

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