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Air Pump Fujimac MAC80R

Air Pump Fujimac MAC80R designed to withstand the elements with a durable cast aluminum housing employing the latest paint finishes.

  1. Energy efficient
    This pump has the lowest operating cost of any wastewater air pump
  2. Low noise level
    Best in class noise level is achieved through our proprietary sound reduction technologies, including a unique noise barrier aluminum housing and anti vibration rubber technology.
  3. Extraordinary structure
    compact, oil less, easy maintenance, minimized wire structure, and stable airflow
Air Pump Fujimac MAC80R

The Air Pump FUJIMAC MAC80R can be used to replace many 80 liter per minute waste water air pumps. The Fujimac line of pumps come with the industry standard alarm and air line connections that make it a simple plug and play replacement for competing pumps. Popular in the Koi Industry, where reliable aeration is critical to fish survival, will aerate a koi pond of up to 2000 gallons, to a depth of 78 inches.
At 39 decibels and 51 watts of power consumption, this pump uses less power as a notebook computer, and is no louder than a person whispering in a library

Specification :

  • Volume : 80 L/min 2.8 CFM
  • Power Consumption : 51 w
  • Diameter Outlet : 13 mm (External 18 mm)
  • Normal pressure : 12 kPa
  • Rate Voltage : 230-240 V
  • Weight : 5.0 kg
  • Power cable length : 1.5 m
  • Noise level : 39dB
  • Weight : 11 Lbs (5 kg)

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