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Gas Meter Itron RF1

Gas Meter Itron RF1 is a compact residential gas meter designed to accurately measure volumes of natural gas, LPG and all non-corrosive gases. Several versions and option are available to meet various application requirements. Its design minimize installation costs and enables future field upgrades.

Gas Meter Itron RF1 long term metrology stability makes it the right choice for demanding, high consumption residential gas markets.


The RF1 is a combination of proven and reliable gas meter concepts and includes :
– A reciprocating synthetic diaphragm
– Crank-controlled and oscillating slides
– Robust and tight connections between components
– The use of precise, lightweight and noise-free plastic parts

Operating Principle

The RF1 is a positive displacement diaphragm gas meter with a stand-alone twin chamber measuring unit.
The twin chambers are each fitted with a flexible and gas-tight diaphragm which is moved by the differential between the inlet and outlet pressure. The gas enters one side of the diaphragm plate, and comes out on the other side through a separate port on the valve. When one side is full, the sliding valve moves on to the next position, allowing the gas to fill the empty side.
A transmission gear and either a magnetic coupling or stuffing box transfer the reciprocating motion to the mechanical or electronical index.
The measuring unit is housed in a robust gas-tight casing.

Benefits :

  • Ready for remote reading and data management
  • Robust construction
  • Environment-friendly
  • Multi-range G1.6, G2.5, G4 and G6
Gas Meter Itron RF1
Technical Specification :
  • Gas type : Natural gas, air, propane butane, nitrogen and all non-corrosive gases
  • Cyclic volume : 2 dm³
  • Temperature Range :
    Gas : -25℃ to +40℃ (-10℃ to +40℃)
    Ambient : -25℃ to +55℃
    Storage : -40℃ to +70℃
  • Maximum Operating Pressure : 0.5 bar (0.1 HTL version)
  • Measuring range :
    G1.6 : Qmin : 0.016 m³/h ; Qmax : 2.5 m³/h
    G2.5 : Qmin : 0.025m³/h ; Qmax : 4 m³/h
    G4 : Qmin : 0.04 m³/h ; Qmax : 6m³/h
    G6 : Qmin : 0.06 m³/h ; Qmax : 10 m³/h
  • Casing Material : Aluminium/ Zinc-coated sheet metal
  • Accuracy : Class 1.5
  • Connections : Single or double pipe connections. Different connection threads are available (ISO 228-1 and BS746 standards, national) Special threads available upon request

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