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Metering Pumps OBL MB11

Metering Pumps OBL MB11 are mechanical diaphragm pump with spring return mechanism, eccentric shaft and thrust ring. They combine the working characteristics of a plunger pump with the sealing advantages of a diaphragm pump.

Thanks to the quality and simple design of the diaphragm, these pumps are easy-handling.

Metering Pumps OBL MB11

General Features of Metering Pumps OBL MB11 :

  • Diaphragm, economic, robust, compact metering pump.
  • The mechanical diaphragm works, both giving the swept volume, acting basically as plunger, and as separator between crank gear and the handled fluid.
  • Easy and minimum maintenance required, thanks to the reduced number of components
  • The OBL’s unique (patented) mechanical diaphragm design ensures linearity between flow rate and percentage of stroke. The flow rate is virtually uneffected by the working pressure variations.
  • Leak-free pump, due to OBL’s stress-proof diaphragm.
  • High working safety :
    – No external moving parts
    – Leak-free operations
  • Max suction lift 1,5 m.w.c

Technical Data :

Type : MB11

Strokes/1′ : 36

Maximum flow rate l/ h : 11

Maximum : 12 bar (3 phase), 12 bar (1 phase)

Connection : threaded and flange

We also supply submersible pumps suitable for pumping clean water, digital dosing pumps for food and beverage industry, filtration systems, Industrial process water and waste water treatment, textile industry, drinking water treatment.

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