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Gear Pump Koshin GL-40-5

Gear Pump Koshin GL-40-5 can be used for kerosene, heavy oil class A/B, lubrication oil. Best suited to force – feed fuel to marine engine and for engine lubrication.

  • Same accuracy as as high performance hydraulic pump.
  • Most suitable for marine FO, LO
  • Low rotating noise guaranteed

Features :

  • This high quality pump is applicable for a wide range of activities from low viscosity oil such as kerosene, light oil, etc. To medium/ high – viscosity oil.
  • Since the pump has a bypass valve built-in and is equipped with relief function, it is very safe.
Gear Pump Koshin GL-40-5

Efficiency :
Gear pumps are generally very efficient, especially in high-pressure applications.
Factors affecting efficiency:
– Clearances: Geometric clearances at the end and outer diameter of the gears allows leakage and back flow. However sometimes higher clearances help reduce hydrodynamic friction and improve efficiency.
– Gear backlash: High backlash between gears also allows fluid leakage. However, this helps to reduce wasted energy from trapping the fluid between gear teeth (known as pressure trapping).

Specification :

Power2.2 kw 6HP
220V 3 Phase
Connection Dia.PS 40 m/m(1 1/2″)
Max. pressure0.5 Mpa
Delivery Volume60 Hz (1720 rpm) : 123 l/min 32.5U.S.G/ min) (1180 rpm)
50 Hz (1450 rpm) : 100 l/min 26.4U.S.G/ min) (960 rpm)
Coupling JIS
Pump Shaft Dia.22 m/m

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