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Gear Pump Koshin GL 32-5

Gear Pump Koshin GL 32-5 can be used for kerosene, heavy oil class – A/B, lubrication oil. Best suited to force – feed fuel to marine engine and for engine lubrication.

  • Same accuracy as high performance hydraulic pump
  • Most suitable for marine FO, LO
  • Low rotating noise guaranteed

Features :

  • This high quality pump is applicable for a wide range of activities from low viscosity oil such as kerosene, light oil, etc. To medium/ high – viscosity oil.
  • Since the pump has a bypass valve built-in and is equipped with relief function, it is very safe
Gear Pump Koshin GL-32-5

Efficiency :
Gear pumps are generally very efficient, especially in high-pressure applications.
Factors affecting efficiency:
– Clearances: Geometric clearances at the end and outer diameter of the gears allows leakage and back flow. However sometimes higher clearances help reduce hydrodynamic
friction and improve efficiency.
– Gear backlash: High backlash between gears also allows fluid leakage. However, this helps to reduce wasted energy from trapping the fluid between gear teeth (known as pressure trapping).

Specification Gear Pump Koshin GL 32-5 :

  • Model : GL-32-5
  • Power : 2.2 kw 4P 220 V 3 Phase
  • Connection Dia. : PS 32m/m (1 1/4 inch)
  • Maximum pressure : 0.5 Mpa
  • Delivery volume :
    60 Hz (1720 rpm) : 85 l/min 22 U.S.G/min
    50 Hz (1450 rpm) : 71 l/min 18 U.S.G/min
  • Coupling : ZDC
  • Pump Shaft dia. : 18 m/m

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