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GIN Pump WQ Series

GIN Pump WQ Series cutting submerged sewage discharge pump consists of three components, water pump, sealing and electrical motor.

Conditions :

The pumps can operate properly and continuously under following operation conditions :

  • Working medium carries no corrosives, sand contents shall be max 2%
  • Medium temperature shall be 40 deg. C and PH shall be 4-10
  • Operated within the normal delivery range
  • Submerged into water maximum Depth of 5m
  • Power frequency shall be 50 Hz, three-phase voltage 380V and voltage fluctuation shall be 0.9-1.1 times the nominal
Main application :

Gin Pump WQ Series used for sewage treatment of city construction sewage and waste discharge for architecture projects, hotel, in pond, printing, paper making and textile industries. It is ideal tool for transportation of sludge, slurry, living sewage, and feces and stale wastes and solid grains containing fiber, paper containing fiber, paper chips, sandy soil etc.

GIN Pump WQ Series

Technical Data :

50WQ7-8-0.47 m³/h8 meter0.4 kW50 mm380 V2900 r/ min
65WQ15-7-1.115 m³/h7 meter1.1 kW65 mm380 V2900 r/ min
80WQ45-9-2.245 m³/h9 meter2.2 kW80 mm380 V2900 r/ min
100WQ50-10-450 m³/h10 meter4 kW100 mm380 V2900 r/ min
150WQ100-7.5.5100 m³/h7 meter5.5 kW150 mmm380 V2900 r/ min
200WQ300-7-11300 m³/h7 meter11 kW200 mm380 V1450 r/ min
250WQ500-5.5-18.5500 m³/h5.5 meter18.5 kW250 mm380 V 980 r/ min

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