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Gin Pump YW Series

Gin Pump YW Series type vertical sewage and mud discharging pump. The pump has much merit:

  • Easy to operate
  • Spiral in design
  • For starting operation no needed water input
  • Light in weight and easy to be removed
  • Semi – open impeller. It can make pump discharging sewage and mud with a high capacity
Main Application :

Gin Pump YW Series efficient used for sewage treatment of city construction and sewage and waste discharge for architecture projects, hotel, mine pond, dyeing and printing, paper making and textile industries. This pump is very suitable for industrial needs, is affordable and durable.

Conditions :
The pump can operate properly and continuously under following operation condition :
– Working medium sand contents shall be max. 25% by volume
– Medium temperature shall be not more that 40 deg. C and PH shall be 4-10
– Shall be operated by rated electric motor.

Gin Pump YW Series

Technical Data :

ModelPower SpeedHeadFlowPower
25-8-22-1.11.1 kW2825 r/min22 m8 m³/h38.5 %
32-12-15-1.11.1 kW2825 r/min15 m12 m³/h40 %
40-15-30-2.22.2 kW2840 r/min30 m20 m³/h48 %
50-18-30-33 kW2880 r/min30 m25 m³/h58 %
80-43-13-33 kW2880 r/min13 m40 m³/h50 %

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