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Hand Pump Koshin LP32

Hand Pump Koshin LP32 Manual Oil pump barrel hand pump is the ultimate solution for fuel transfer needs. With its high liter capacity and efficient design, this pump is perfect for dispensing kerosene, diesel and low viscosity oils. Hand Pump Koshin LP32 pumps are remarkable 1 liter per revolution, ensuring a fast and trouble – free transfer process. Equipped with a mesh screen that filters out fine dust particles, this pump guarantees clean and reliable fuel every time. Oil temperature above 10 deg. C

High lighter Pump Koshin LP 32 unique rotary pump with 1 liter dispenser. This is a more sophisticated version of the rotary vane pump for light liquids 100 cSt including gasoline. One envelope is equal to 1 liter. It is very convenient in a number of everyday situations. There are no analogues on the market.

Hand Pump Koshin LP32

Application of High Lighter Pump :

  • For Heavy fuel oil
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • Spindle oil

Technical Information of hand pump oil :

  • Delivery quantity : 1 L / 1 revolution (normal operation) 100 L/ min (26 USG/ min)
  • Intake pipe : 32 mm x 956 mm
  • Conveyor hose : 90 m, 32 mm x 1280 mm
  • Dirt trap : 60 with Mesh, Polyethylene
  • Nett weight : 8 kg / pieces

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