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Slurry Pump Tsurumi KRS2 80

Slurry Pump Tsurumi KRS2 80 submersible heavy – duty pump designed and built to handle high volume pumping jobs. The KRS Series pump offers three types of pump : a basic (standard) type that is available in a wide product lineup, an energy-saving type of low output and low head that reduces power consumption, and a slurry dewatering type that is equipped with a high – chromium cast iron impeller and agitator.

KRS series pumps are available in a broad product lineup with discharge bore diameter of 80 to 250 mm, and motor outputs of 2.2 to 22 kW. This pump have and continue to play an active role in a wide range of reliability, large – scale construction projects such as tunnels, bridges and dams, and infrastructure for provisional drainage of sewage, simplified rainwater drainage for flood countermeasures, etc.

Pump Material:

Handle: Steel
Outlet: Cast iron
Pump casing: Grey cast iron
Impeller: Chromium iron
Agitator: Chromium iron
Suction cover: Chromium iron
Shaft: S/S 420J2
Shaft seal: Silicon carbide
Lubrication: Oil
Strainer stand: Steel

Slurry Pump Tsurumi KRS2 80

Specification of Slurry Pump Tsurumi KRS2 80 :

Discharge bore80 mm
Motor output 4 kW
Starting Method D.O.L
Solid passage30 mm
Dimensions (L x H)349 MM X 800 MM
Dry Weight105 KG
Cable length8 m

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