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EBARA 200 SZ Mix flow volute pump. This pump can be used for irrigation, industrial use , drainage, shrimp ponds, flooding. Features : Highly efficient and economical Extremely high efficiency rate of 90%. Small drive motor required significantly reduces operating cost. Trouble free operation Semi – open impeller guarantees clog free operation Large Capacity Changes […]

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Ebara 50 SQPB

Ebara 50 SQPB self priming pump. Available pump 50 SQPB, 90 SQPB, 100 SQPB, and 150 SQPB. This pump can be used for irrigation, drainage, sprinklers. Features of Ebara 50 SQPB : No priming is required excepting for initial use Special designed casing provides very rapid priming for extended piping Maintenance is facilitated due to

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Ebara DWO 150

Ebara DWO 150 Stainless steel centrifugal pump. This pump can be used for : Industrial dish washer machines Washing machines (washing vegetables, meats, fish) Water treatment plants Painting system cabins Water transfer Ecology and food plants Features centrifugal pump of Ebara DWO 150 : Hydraulic robust construction High performance, efficiency design, Ebara exclusive patent for

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Ebara 100X80 CSGA

Ebara 100X80 CSGA horizontal split casing pumps. This pump can be used for : water supply hot and cold water circulation for cooling tower irrigation industrial use drainage sprinkling air-conditioning for swimming pool Features of Ebara 100X80 CSGA : Very compact design for easy installation and permits minimum maintenance Axially split casing allows the easy

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Ebara DW 75

Ebara DW 75 submersible pump for light screened sewage and dirty water. The pump is manufacture entirely from a single sheet of 304 stainless steel using the EBARA pressing method. Comprising of a single channel impeller or “Vortex” style and incorporating a double mechanical seal. The volute of DW is made as an integral part

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Ebara 50X40 FSHA

Ebara 50X40 FSHA end suction volute pumps. This pump ca be used for : Industrial use Water supply Hot and cold water circulation For swimming pool Sprinkling Air-conditioning Fire-fighting application Features of Ebara 50X40 FSHA : Easy removal and maintenance, BPO (Back Pull Out) system allows all rotating element to be removed without disconnecting suction

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Ebara 80×65 FSD4GA5.75

Ebara 80×65 FSD4GA5.75 mono block end suction pump. Features : Motor closed couple, alignment free construction Easy maintenance BPO (Back pull out) feature allows all rotating element to be removed without disconnecting the suction and discharge pipework Top centerline discharge, foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads Higher

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Ebara GS 32-125

Ebara GS 32-125 end suction centrifugal pumps. This pump can use for : Air conditioning – district heating and cooling – General water supply– Brine (antifreeze liquid)– Hot water circulation – High pressure booster Water supply duties for municipalities Irrigation Drainage clean water Fire fighting protection Swimming pool Semiconductor industry (pure water) Food industry Pulp

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Ebara 80 DE 51.5

Ebara 80 DE 51.5 submersible aerator for sewage water and contaminants. This pump can be used for : Preliminary or final aeration in sewage treatment (combined or separate treatment) plant For preliminary or final aeration in industrial waste water treatment plant For mixing/ putrefaction prevention/ scum prevention in sewage and septic vessels of all kinds.

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