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Trundean TMD09 Chemical Pump

Trundean TMD09 Chemical Pump / Magnetic Drive Pump made of anti – corrosion, thermoplastic GFR-PP or PVDF materials and easy to load and unload. Magnetic drive pumps can be applied to a wide variety of fields, such as sea – farming, PCB, chemical works and surface treatment of metals. he magnet – driven seal less pumps are easy for assembly and disassembly, no special tools needed to replace parts. Furthermore, the free seal feature makes the pump best for applications which not allowing any leakage.

This pump has over 25 years of experience in the industry, capable of providing high quality Magnetic Drive Pumps to customers worldwide.

Trundean Machinery is committed to maintain product quality, innovation, production standardization, and strict inspection system, in order to ensure that Trundean roots blower.

Features :

  • Superior combination of materials and a leak – free, seamless design
  • Excellent corrosion resistant materials such as carbon and ceramics
  • Designed with an emphasis on improved durability
  • Excellent corrosion resistant
  • Featuring echanced reliability and safety
  • Easy maintenance disassembly and assembly
Trundean TMD09 Chemical Pump

Specification of Trundean TMD09 Chemical Pump :

BoreInlet 26 mm
Outlet 26 mm
ThreadInlet Outlet : PF 1″
Union : 20 mm
Max. Capacity72/ 95 L/min
Max. Head7/ 10 m
Motor1 or 3 phase 90 W
Pole2 pole

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