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Tsurumi Pump GSZ3 37-4H

Tsurumi Pump GSZ3 37-4H is a submersible general dewatering high head pump for deep well.

Features :

  • Cylindrical channel
    The entirely cylindrical drive channel maintains the motor cooling efficiency adequately high even during operations at a low water level. Also, with the discharge port on its top, the pump can be installed in a narrow place.
  • Dual Impeller
    The dual impeller remarkably increases the power of pumping up water from a great depth
  • Center – Flange construction
    Enables the pump to be lifted up/ down without disconnecting it from piping and stably installed true to the ceter of gravity

Tsurumi Pump GSZ3 37-4H is equipped with a 4-pole motor, the pumps in this series display their true virtues where a massive amount of water must be drained in a very short period of time.

Tsurumi Pump GSZ3 37-4H

Major Standard Specifications Pump :

Type of liquid Rain water, ground water, sand laden water
Liquid temperature0 ~ 40 deg. C
ComponentsImpeller : Closed type
Shaft seal : Double mechanical seal
Bearing : Shielded ball bearing
MaterialsImpeller : Chromium iron casting
Casing : Gray iron casting
Mouth ring : Gray iron casting
Shaft seal (mechanical seal) : Silicon carbide

Major Standard Specifications Motor :

Type, polesDry – type submersible induction motor, 4 poles
InsulationClass F (37 kW)
Phase/ VoltageThree – phase/
220V, 380 V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 525V, 575V
Motor protector (built – in)Miniature protector
LubricantTurbine oil (ISO VG32)
Materials Frame : Gray iron casting
Shaft : Stainless steel
Cable : Chloroprene sheath

Specifications :

  • Discharge bore : 150 mm
  • Model : GSZ3-37-4H
  • Motor Output : 37 kW
  • Phase : Three – phase
  • Total Head : 45 m
  • Capacity : 2.0 m3/ min
  • Starting Method : Star – Delta
  • Dry weight : 850 kgs
  • Length of Cabtyre Cable : 10 m

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