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Fountain Water Pump HIFLOW

Fountain Water Pump HIFLOW QY Series application area for tower water supply and garden/ irrigation usage. Also can use for fountain needs that meet with big flow specification.

Operating limits :

Protection Class : IP68
Maximum temperature : <40 deg. C
Maximum PH : 6-8.5

Component and Material :

Motor : 100% copper wire
Mechanical seal : Alloy and silicon carbide
Shaft : Stainless Steel
Screw : Stainless steel

Fountain Water Pump HIFLOW

Technical Specification of Fountain Water Pump HIFLOW :

QY15-26-2,2B380 V2,2 Kw 3 HP15 m3/h26 m46 kg2 inch
QY38-14-2,2B380 V2,2 Kw 3 HP38 m3/h14 m46 kg2 inch
QY25-26-3B380 V3 Kw 4 HP25 m3/h26 m51 kg2.5 inch
QY15-36-3B380 V3 Kw 4 HP15 m3/h36 m51 kg3 inch
QY40-16-3B380 V3 Kw 4 HP40 m3/h16 m51 kg3 inch
QY65-10-3B380 V3 Kw 4 HP65 m3/h10 m51 kg3 inch
QY25-32-4B380 V4 Kw 5.5 HP25 m3/h32 m66 kg2.5 inch
QY40-21-4B380 V4 Kw 5.5 HP40 m3/h21 m66 kg4 inch
QY65-13-4B380 V4 Kw 5.5 HP65 m3/h13 m66 kg3 inch
QY200-8-5,5380 V5.5 Kw 7.5 HP200 m3/h8 m87 kg6 inch
QY65-20-5,5B380 V5.5 Kw 7.5 HP65 m3/h20 m93 kg2 inch
QY200-9-7,5B380 V7.5 Kw 10 HP200 m3/h9 m99 kg4 inch
QY12,5-96/ 4-7,5B380 V7.5 Kw 10 HP12.5 m3/h96 m134 kg2 inch
QY65-20-5,5B380 V5.5 Kw 7 HP65 m3/h20 m87 kg4 inch
QY15-130/ 5-11380 V11 Kw 15 HP15 m3/h130 m158 kg2 inch
QY65-25-7,5B380 V7.5 Kw 10 HP65 m3/h25 m100 kg4 inch
QS40-26/ 2-5,5B380 V5.5 Kw 7 HP40 m3/h26 m90 kg3 inch
QS50-39/ 3-7,5B380 V7.5 Kw 10 HP50 m3/h39 m100 kg3 inch
QX10-40/ 2-2,2N380 V2,2 Kw 3 HP10 m3/h40 m52 kg2 inch
QX10-50/ 3-3N380 V3 Kw 4 HP10 m3/h50 m58 kg2 inch

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