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Sewage Pump HIFLOW WQ

Sewage Pump HIFLOW WQ application area for usage for industry, agriculture, mine, and building construction. Also fit for carrying slurry, mortar, daily sanitary wastewater and sewage containing flocks, papers, mud, and another solid particles.

Operating limits :

Protection class : IP68
Max. PH : 4-10
Max. temperature : 40 deg. C

Component and Material :

  • Pump body : Cast Iron
  • Impeller : Cast Iron
  • Motor shaft : Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical seal : Ceramic Graphite
  • Suction Strainer : cast iron
  • Oil lubricant : Food grade
  • Oil seal : NBR1-2
  • Neck ring : Cast iron
  • Motor : 2 pole / 4 pole

Feature of Sewage Pump HIFLOW WQ :

  • Semi closed impeller
    The impeller adopts semi-closed and open shape of double-design. Because of symmetric channel, it is well balanced, stable running, small vibration, long service life and energy saving
  • Special cable design
    The special cable production process can prevent water leak to motor cabinet when cable cover is broken or the front of cable is submersed
  • Motor Protection
    Specially designed submersible motor with the protection level of IPX68, insulation class F. The allowed temperature rise is high, submerged cooling effect is good, the actual temperature, rise is low. Its ensure motor can automatically cut off the power when supply in abnormal condition

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