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dewatering pump

APP Kenji AHS-05

APP Kenji AHS-05 submersible dewatering pump for : Residential, commercial, industrial dewatering and site drainage Decorative waterfalls and fountains Raw water supply from lakes or rivers Sediment removal from small sumps of basins Features of APP Kenji AHS-05 submersible dewatering pump : High abrasive resistance resin Vortex impeller Double mechanical seal/ Designed agitator Auto reset

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HCP GD-400

HCP GD-400 portable dewatering pumps can be used for : Civil engineering, dewatering of tunneling and ground works, and for use in storm water sewers Dewatering of fluids containing solids Ease of mobility for use by contractors, installers and service industries Feature : HCP GD-400 portable dewatering pump models are designed for the construction industry

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